Equity Task Force


Governor Pritzker has a strong agenda for ensuring that economic prosperity reaches underserved communities and creates opportunities across the state for all citizens by removing barriers for economically disadvantaged populations. Two avenues exist to move these priorities forward; the response to Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2019-03 – An Action Agenda for Workforce Development and Job Creation and the priorities within A Plan to Revitalize the Illinois Economy and Build the Workforce of the Future. Both rely on data-driven approaches to establish goals and inform policy that will reduce equity gaps. Building on this direction, the WIOA Unified, Regional and Local Plans along with the Perkins State Plan all have guiding principles for equitable access and opportunity for all populations.


As equitable access is a fundamental principle within the Plans as well as a high priority of the Governor, a Task Force made up of Lake County Workforce Development Board members and partners will come together to develop a framework of recommendations within Lake County’s’ workforce system to establish goals and improve inequality for the populations we serve. The taskforce shall be in place for one year unless requested by the board to be extended further.

Ways in which a Task Force under the direction of the Lake County Workforce Development Board will address equity and inform policy, include:

  • creating shared definitions for a set of key terms addressing equity;
  • developing education and workforce tools that can track program access and outcomes-and that disaggregate data by race, gender, and target population to reveal disparities in policies and programs;
  • examining programs, policies, and practices and then infuse issues of equity and inclusion into these programs, policies, and practices;
  • establishing equity goals; and
  • making recommendations regarding inclusive and diverse approaches including professional development of staff to ensure they use an equity lens in serving their diverse populations.

Task Force Members

Dr. Carlotta Roman, Co-Chair
Founder and Principal DEI Change Strategist
Collective Career Consulting, LLC

Emily Garrity, Co-Chair
Life Insurance Advocate
Origin8cares LLC

Jennifer Serino
Lake County Workforce Development

Jennifer Cooper
Placement and Alumni Manger
Youth Conservation Corps

Christine Hammerlund
Assured Healthcare Staffing

Robbie Randle
Special Services Manager
Waukegan Township

Bethany Williams
Strategy & Intelligence Director
Lake County Partners

Arlene Santos-George
Dean, Adult Education & ESL
College of Lake County

Ed Melton
Prairie Park Partners

Gabrielle Devlin
Department Chair of Equity and ESL
Grayslake District 127

Kimberly Wimer
Human Resources Manager
Laser Precision

Maria Nava
Community Engagement Manager and
Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Warren Newport Library, Gurnee

Mike Rummel
County Board Member
Lake County

Cliff Smith
Career Specialist
Lake County Workforce Development

Christina Gardner
Multicultural Retention Coordinator
College of Lake County

Rodolfo Ruiz-Velasco
Multicultural Student Center
College of Lake County

Carolina Fabian
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Waukegan Public Schools