Ashannti Ross Recognized as Workforce Development Hero

Sep 1, 2022 | News

As part of Workforce Development Month, Ashannti Ross has been recognized as a Workforce Development Hero by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) for her contributions and dedication to serving others within the Workforce Development industry.

Ashannti has influenced the Lake County Workforce Development Department’s culture and increased local community stakeholder engagement by illustrating traits of teamwork, dedication, partner cohesiveness, and the ability to champion the needs of underserved communities and partner organizations, while addressing key objectives within the strategic plan.

As part of Ashannti’s role as Lead Project Planner, she has encompassed a “Coaching Champion” mindset and client communication skills and relations that has allowed Lake County Workforce Development to establish Work, Earn, and Learn programs, Career Crossroad initiatives, Re-entry programs, Community Partnerships, and assist with System Design implementation.

Ashannti’s exceptional leadership traits of have allowed Workforce Development to better serve Lake County’s priority groups, enhance community outreach, promote internal teamwork, and establish social media platforms to better engage local Job Seeker and Business clients.

Congratulations to Ashannti for this well-deserved recognition!